EthACK The Swiss Privacy Basecamp

What is EthACK?

EthACK is a non-profit association wanting to provide information regarding your electronic rights, how to protect them, who's trying to reduce your rights and so on.
Hence, you'll find here articles dealing with, for example, privacy management, the best way to protect your data on your devices, links to useful resources, knowledge and so on.

Also, we want to point out ethical problems within governments, either regarding the Internet or in the so called "real life". Our politicians aren't doing their job anymore, most of them working for private companies instead of working for the People. This is not how things should be.

Contents do not do miracles: you have to read the articles and, moreover, understand them in order to find out your way in the mess we're currently having with online data mining.

Association is a non-profit association. Anyone can take part.


The association status and rules are here.

Membership fees

Student fee (upon valid card presentation): 50CHF per year
Standard fee: 100CHF per year

If you subscribe within the six last months, only the half will be requested.
"EthACK year" ends on 1st of June.

Paiement information

BCV - Case postale 300 - 1001 Lausanne

IBAN: CH68 0076 7000 A538 9670 2

CCP: 10-725-4
Clearing: 767
GIIN: 6X567Y.00000.LE.756

Email signature

Our administrative emails will be signed with the following GPG key:
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